Mentoring for New Activity Leaders

  • Posted on: 8 May 2019
  • By: richard.barnett

If you would like to organise an Activity for the Club, but feel that you don't have the inspiration to choose what to do, the experience to plan it, or the confidence to lead it, then this might provide the help you need. The members listed below have offered to help select, plan, survey and lead activities. Feel free to reach out to any of the mentors listed and they will be able to provide assistance and advice where possible.

Name Contact details Notes
Richard Barnett  
Nick Collins  
Suseela Durvasula  
Liam Heery  
Helen Hindin  
Linda Kelen  
Deidre McCallum  
Andrea McDonnell  
Freda Moxom Blue Mountains, up to grade 3
John Renzenbrink  
Len Sharp  

"Activity Mentors" in the "For Members" section of the Club website has the list of mentors also. We'll keep it up to date, and will publish the current list in each edition of the Keeping Track Newsletter. The Committee hopes that this proves useful and encourages more members to lead activities.

Richard, Program Coordinator