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Membership is only $30 per year when joining for 3 years ($90 total), $35 per year for 2 years ($70 total), or $45 for one year, plus $15 per year for each additional family member (if they join the club). [NB Family is defined as two or more persons who are related by blood, marriage (registered or de facto), adoption, step or fostering, and who are resident at the same address.]. The fee pays for insurance, the newsletter, etc. Unlike some other clubs, you do not have to pay the club a fee each time you go on an activity (but you do pay for transport). Members are welcome to attend club meetings. Or give it a try first. Simply choose a bushwalk by browsing the links at the top and give the leader a ring. Say you are thinking of joining the club. He or she will describe the activity so you and the walk leader can see if it is suitable for you. Visitors can try one walk for free before they are expected to join the club. If you have any question please use the "Contact us" page.