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REMINDER - Club AGM and Special Resolution this Saturday (29 June) at Woodstock Community Centre, Burwood

If you are wanting to get involved with your club, then your nomination for a committee position needs to be received by Friday.
Proxy votes for the Special Resolution can also be made.
There will be a door prize, photo competition and savioury/sweet cake competition as well, but you have to be there to win !!


AGM 29th June - door prize announced!

NEW for this year's AGM.  We've had a book called 'Take a Walk in Southern NSW and the ACT' by John and Lyn Daly donated to the club by the authors.  The  book covers more than 2000km of walking tracks from Sydney south to the Victorian border with outline maps and detailed descriptions as well as a plethora of other information about the National Parks covered in the book. 

Highlights of Bushwalking NSW General Meeting 21st May 2019

- Speaker from NSW Sport on considerations and benefits of encouraging children and young people to join our clubs.  Several clubs have Child Protection Officers.  Speaker mentioned that it will soon be mandatory for clubs to implement child safety standards if under 18 year olds participate in their activities.  This is not just the physical safety or children.

AGM competitions Saturday June 29th

If you want a sneak peak at the documentation for the upcoming club AGM on Saturday 29th June, it has now been prepared and can be found at:

AGM documents 2019

In the coming weeks you will be receiving the Notice of and Agenda for the AGM and Special Resolution in the post as well as email reminders about this important club annual event, with further details of where and when it is being held and details of what takes place.

Mentoring for new activity leaders

If you'd like to organise an activity for the club, but feel that you don't have the inspiration to choose what to do, the experience to plan it, or the confidence to lead it, then this might provide the help you need.

The members listed below have offered to help select, plan, survey & lead activities. Contact one of them and they will provide assistance and advice where possible.

Winter 2019 program (June-August) - submissions required

The club invites you to submit activities for the Winter program (June 1 to September 15).

Please enter them using the ANB website Create Activity form, before June 1, using the Grading Calculator to determine the grade.

For more information see the email sent on May 5, or contact me.

-- Richard - Programme Co-ordinator

Walk Leaders - Grading Calculator

The Walk Grading Calculator excel spreadsheet that walk leaders have previously used for grading walks and cycling is now also available as a page on the All Nations website 'For members : Grading Calculator'.

Please use when adding a walk/cycle to the program.

Highlights of ANB Committee meeting April 8th 2019

- A Special Resolution will be voted upon at the AGM on Saturday June 29th in order to accept the updated ANB constitution.  The consitution needed to be updated in line with the Associations Incorporation Regulation 2016.

- New ANB bank account has been opened with Westpac to facilitate online banking.  Old CBA account to be closed within the next year.

- Approval for the provision of new prizes for the best sweet plate and best savoury plate brought to the AGM.

REMINDER: Autumn program (March 2019 - May 2019) - submissions required

Please enter activity submissions for the Autumn programme which will run from March to May, including the first 2 weekends in June. Enter them via the club website "create content" form before Saturday 9 March 2019. For more information see the email sent on February 25. 

Highlights of Bushwalking NSW General Meeting 19th February 2019

- Photo competition (see previous news feed) closes 31st March 2019

- Yuri Bolotin spoke about "Bushwalking with a Purpose".  Apart from promoting his book series on Gardens of Stone he mentioned these potential purposes to enhance one's enjoyment of a bushwalk: