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Use of Brindabella Ski Club Lodges

The Brindabella Ski Club is a non-commercial private sports club with a history dating back to 1951 when it was founded by a group of enthusiastic Canberra skiers.  The Club enables members and their guests to pursue mountain sports activities and provides friendly, affordable, quality accommodation, supported by good governance and sustainable environmental practices.
The club operates two lodges at Guthega and another at Thredbo, all in the NSW Snowy Mountains within the Kosciuszko National Park.  Two of our lodges are recently built and offer modern, comfortable accommodation with mostly double/twin rooms with en-suites.  Our third lodge, Kyilla in Guthega, opened in 1960 and is a charming lodge, recently refurbished and offers comfortable but basic accommodation in a spectacular location at a lower price. All our accommodation is ‘self-catering’ and guests are expected to perform cleaning duties to leave the lodges ready for the next guests.
Apart from during winter time, summer school holidays and Easter our lodges are underutilized. We are offering a small number of organizations, including those in your confederation , limited access to our lodges during the period extending from the October long-weekend through until the June long-weekend.  We hope you might consider this offer as an opportunity to organize activities for your members in the Kosciuszko National Park.
If your members wish to book into our lodges, we request that they do so under the auspices of an organised activity and use a single ‘group leader’ to coordinate the booking.  We can accommodate small groups who may share the lodge with our members or we can offer ‘whole lodge’ bookings to provide your group with exclusive access.
We have recently introduced a Summer Membership category which costs only $102  per year.  I have included information on Summer Membership that you are welcome to pass on to your members.
Information about the club and its lodges is available at the club’s website, . The current accommodation rates (Summer 2018) start at $53 per weekend for a member ($65 per weekend for a non member). Prices vary at the different lodges.  Midweek prices are cheaper. If you require further information about our offer please don’t hesitate to contact:


Bookings for the lodges may be made by contacting the club’s Administration Manager at . The Administration Manager can also provide further information on the booking rates for the different lodges.

— Business Planning officer, Brindabella Ski Club Inc.