Taffy's Rock and How Len Got Into Jacqui's Pants - Sunday 27 November 2022

  • Posted on: 28 November 2022
  • By: liam

Today's walk led by Len was to explore area's further than Taffy's Rock, namely Fishermans Beach and possibly Cliff Trig.

Leaving Cowan at 9am we walked with purpose to Jerusalem Bay where we enjoyed a great view of the Bay with a spring high tide and crystal clear water. If only we had time for a swim, but no, not even morning tea as we had ground to cover to achieve our objective for the day.

Morning tea break was taken at the top of the hill before we left the Great North Walk track and headed out Govett Ridge to Taffy's. This track is now easily negotiable as it has become a popular destination over the past few years. On the way there are a few ups and downs that you tend to forget about until they begin to sap your energy once again. Passing two historic trigs along the way we reached Taffy's for a welcomed lunch break.

During lunch while trying to stay shaded as best we could we discussed our tactics for the two objectives of the day. Given the time and heat we decided to only attempt the primary objective of finding a route down to Fishermans Beach. To do so, we examined the shortest route and proceeded in that direction.

While the route down was straightforward, it was difficult to navigate through some very thick scrub and the occasional cliff line. However on each occasion we punched through there was a clear patch to keep encouraging us until we spotted the sandy beach directly below us.

The thick scrub took it's toll on Lens trousers and by the time we reached the beach they had been shredded completely open!

Those keen took the opportunity for a quick and refreshing swim and an alternative ridge was chosen as our way back to the track above us. This proved an excellent choice with an easy grade and very little scrub bashing. Again a few cliff lines to be negotiated, but that's where the fun is, when you find an easy slot or ramp to go through.

Back onto Taffy's Track and we all felt that the day was over, however there was still a lot of work to do. Due to the heat we took it fairly easy with multiple stops, so that we didn't over tire ourselves. The sound of thunder in the distance heralded a late storm, so we sheltered for a few minutes while a rain shower passed, reducing the temperature by a few degrees.

On reaching Cowan just after 6pm, we decided we all deserved a drink or two and dinner at the Hornsby Tavern. 

And to protect Len's respectability Jacqui kindly lent Len her walking shorts to replace his shredded ones, thus getting into her pants!!!