Scheyville Migrant Camp Heritage Walk

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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Leah Taylor
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0427 381 702
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Throughout the 20th century, the buildings and public spaces of Scheyville played host to many different people, groups and projects.  Step out of your car and into the past on this walk that gives you a glimpse of Scheyville’s fascinating history. See relics of buildings where Australian city boys and young British men learned farming skills. Explore places such as the Casual Labour Farm, the Dreadnought Dining Hall and Dormitory Buildings and the Government Agricultural Training Farm, which operated from the early 1900s to 1939. The Scheyville Camp precinct has a strong historical value, but also a strong emotional one. Residents came to the site during times of great change in their lives - the site is a legacy to these people. Scheyville may be a National Park now, but the site’s heritage is as clear as ever in the Scheyville Camp precinct. We will wander around old buildings and learn about the past way of life here, via interpretive signs.  This activity is a must for all history buffs! Following our exploration of the Migrant Precinct we will head over to Pitt Town for lunch and a history walk around the town. When registering please provide your membership number and mobile phone number.