Smiggin Holes - Disappointment Spur Trail Wednesday 23 December 2020

  • Posted on: 25 December 2020
  • By: Leah Taylor

Starting from Guthega Power Station we crossed the Snowy River and headed up the Disappointment Spur Trail to the Disappointment Spur Hut.  (Disappointment Spur Hut was constructed by the Snowy Mountains Authority c1956 as a maintenance shelter for the Munyang River Aqueduct, accommodating staff servicing the weirs and pipeline which extend 9.7 km from the creek just east of the hut in a downhill grade around the valley to the surge tank and penstock above Guthega Power Station). From the Spur Hut we headed out to take the service trail to Whites River Hut. (The Kosciusko Alpine Club has had a long association with the hut, acquiring it to use it exclusively for skiing in winter in 1938). Whites River Hut is out on the Main Range, nestled in the Munyang Corridor on the way to Schlink Pass from Guthega. From this hut we then headed back to the main service trail to then take the Horse Camp Aqueduct Trail to Horse Camp Hut. (Horse Camp Hut is believed to have been constructed within the period 1933-39 as a shelter for stockmen working the Clarke brothers’ snowlease). The hut was modified by the Snowy Mountains Authority c1949-51, as a base for horseback mounted teams undertaking survey work on the first capital project of the Snowy Mountains Scheme — the Guthega dam, aqueducts and power station.  The photos highlight various parts of our journey.  A note of thanks to Liam for organising.