Liversidge & Birrabang - Sunday 13 December 2020

  • Posted on: 14 December 2020
  • By: nick

We explored some of those ridges between the Bells Line of Road and the Grose River valley. Fabulous views over the valley were had from Liversidge Hill and from the headlands above Birrabang Walls. We  were able to identify all the lookouts, headlands and Hanging Rocks of the cliffs opposite. We think we identified most of the wildflowers we encountered, and the rather huge and threatening (eastern brown) snake too. It's a largely off-track walk, but following the devastating fires of a year ago, the bush is quite easy to traverse. The views are especially expansive, and there's a certain beauty to the starkness and the colours of the new growth. You do get rather black yourself though of course from all the charcoal. Thanks Mikhail, Asha, Mike, Suseela, Richard, Paul, and Daniel, for your company on an excellent day out. Photos: Paul and Nick.