Bob Turners Track, the Colo River, & Mailes Cave

  • Posted on: 3 September 2019
  • By: nick

On Sunday 1 September 2019, Liam led us on another of his epic adventures. From Colo Heights we went down the excellent Bob Turners Track to the Colo River crossing, where we disgraced ourselves to varying degrees with some rather inelegant crossing techniques. Then it was on through the bush, battling our way upstream for the few kilometres (and similar number of hours) to Mailes Cave. We returned the way we came, getting to cross back over (even less elegantly) in daylight, before ascending Bob Turner while night fell around us. A great day out, topped off by dinner at the Wilberforce, where, amazingly, free beer was on offer! Photos by Meiha, Liam, and Nick.