Smugglers Ridge Sunday 25 August 2019

  • Posted on: 25 August 2019
  • By: Leah Taylor

Well what a beautiful day for hiking!  Having done this walk last Saturday night it was a pleasure to experience it today in brilliant sunshine.  A big thank you to Dee our Group Leader and all of us who joined in the hike today including Leah, Michele, Len, Mirren, Rex, Karen, Andrea, Connie, Francoise and Ann.  After slipping and a sliding down the long fire trail we all made it safey to the bottom and then set up lunch in the picnic area together with a fire pit!  And with our master chef Karen on hand - she made sure we all enjoyed toasted marshallows and her famous smores!  Connie and Len were not quite sure how to tackle the smore but in the end they did a splendid job and by the photos enjoyed the delicious morsel immensely!  There was a surprise at lunch time when a group of 'other hiker's appeared at our picnic spot and they were from The Bush Club - so after exchanging a few pleasantries they disappeared back into the bush!  As always when you hike down a mountain you must then hike back up!  So after lunch with our bellies full of marshallows we headed up the mountain - thank goodness for the 'sugar fix' as I'm sure that assisted with our energy spurt to get us back up to the top!  It was a busy day on Smugglers Ridge as we also bumped into a group of scouts who had been camping for a few days down at the river. It was then onto the fire trail for the walk back to the cars - with Len, Rex and I deciding to do a rubbish pick up along the way!  Beggars belief that there are people out there who really do not care about our environment but thank goodness we do!  Hope you enjoy the photos.