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Ethereal Canyon - 9 February 2017

On Thursday 9 February 2017 the Thursday Surveyors visited yet another amazing and (for us) unexplored part of the Gardens of Stone area. Ethereal Canyon is named for the delicate and out of this world nature of its colours and light. Quite a place. We ventured  on down the creek, getting wet at times, and encountered 'Rodney's Hole', next to the tiny hole where the creek disappears underground. Then up, down, and to the waterfall where the creek re-emerges. Next we navigated up a second creek, past smaller waterfalls and scenic pools. Back up on the plateau, we drove round to  a spot where  we could climb pagodas and view the canyons from above. A fine day out. Thanks are due to the pioneers of the Bush Club and the Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club, whose previous efforts informed our expedition.