Online Photo Competition 2020 Voting now open

  • Posted on: 26 November 2020
  • By: admin

Thank you to all members who have submitted entries to the photo competition, entries have now closed.

So voting can begin. Even if you did not submit any photos, please have a look at what our members have sent in and vote for your favourite in each category.

Below are the links to the 3 categories:

Destination – Australia and new Zealand

Flora and Fauna

People Scenes



Each club member is allowed one vote per category.

You cannot vote for your own photos.


If you are using a pc, hover on each photo to see the photo reference (ie A030) and the description of the photo.

If you are using a mobile, hover does not work, so you will have to click into the photo to see the file name in the url.


When you have decided your favourite photos in each category, vote as follows:

Send an email to with a subject line of 'Photo Comp - A0xx  F1xx  P2xx'

For example: 'Photo Comp - A030 F130 P230'

Voting will close at 23:59 on 3 December.

Results - Winner and Runner-up in each category will be announced at the Christmas party.

Don't forget there are prizes.

Get voting now!