Car Camp and optional walk Megalong Valley Blue Mountains

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Saturday, March 28, 2020 to Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Relax and enjoy free camping at the Old Ford Reserve near the historic Six Foot Track.

Autumn in the Blue Mountains should be very pleasant.

In the valley there is a Tea Room, (licenced,) a farm with a cafe, and beside the Six Foot Track, a vineyard for wine tasting and ploughman's lunches.So plenty of opportunities to indulge in breakfasts or lunches.

The walk on the Six Foot Track is optional and crosses pleasant private farmland to the Cox's River and the swing bridge.

There is an historic cemetery at the start of the track, which shoulf be interesting, and within easy walking distance from the campsite.

This could be an easy alternative to the walk on the Six Foot Track.

Participants need to have their own camping equipment such as tents, cooking equipment, utensils and sleeping bags.

We need to have enough containers (approx. 10 litres per person) to supply our own water for the two days.

There will be a car pool and the cost per passenger ( including tolls ) will be $21, based on three passengers per car.