Spring program (September-November 2019) - submissions required

  • Posted on: 25 July 2019
  • By: admin

Dear members --

Please enter activity submissions for the Spring programme which will run from September to November, including the first 2 weekends in December.

Enter them via the club website "create content" form before Sunday 18 August 2018.

Please keep in mind the following dates:

  • October 5 - October 7 -- Labour Day long weekend
  • October 6 – Daylight Savings Time Starts (Clocks go forward 1 hour)
  • September 28 - October 13 -- School holidays

and the following events which may impact track availability:

  • Saturday 7 September - Coastal Classic (Otford-Bundeena)
  • Sunday 8 September - Bloody Long Walk: Sydney North (Palm Beach-Manly)
  • Sunday 27 October - Seven Bridges Walk

To encourage more members to lead an activity, the club is pleased to announce a prize draw to win a $100 voucher. It will be held half yearly at the Christmas Party and AGM, and the winner will be selected from those members who have led an activity since the previous event.

(You may want to check other events on runningcalendar.com.au or other sources.)

If your walk involves train travel, please check the City Rail weekend trackwork timetable before you choose a date. Use the current timetable (until October 7) or you call 131 500.

Please email me if you have any questions, or if you need any suggestions of where you can lead a walk.

If you're a new walk leader, we have plenty of "old" walk leaders eager to help you out.

I look forward to seeing your activities.

Paul behalf of Richard (Programme Co-ordinator)

***Please use the Walk Grading Calculator (login required) on the club website to obtain the correct grade for an activity. If you have any queries about how to use it, or if it won't run for any reason, or you're having difficulties obtaining appropriate distance or height statistics, please contact Nick Collins on 0414 510 355 or nick_collins_2000@yahoo.com. Nick reminds us that individual ascents and descents of less than 30m (which is the height of a 10 storey building) do not count towards total ascents and descents to be used. Bushwalkers consider these to be mere 'undulations'!