New Car Reimbursement Rate Effective 1st June 2018

  • Posted on: 17 June 2018
  • By: admin

New Car Reimbursement Rate to be effective from the commencement of the Winter Program on 1st June 2018. The car pool cost is 35¢ per kilometre (for all cars plus any other reasonable costs, e.g. National Park entry OR road toll fees). This cost is shared equally between everybody. The Walk Leader’s decision will be final. The easiest way to divide the money is for each person (including drivers) to pay their share into a pool and then the drivers take equal shares. This ensures fair payments. Rounding at any stage of calculation to nearest whole dollar is customary to simplify change owing.

• There are 3 cars and 10 participants
• 1 x car with a driver plus 1 passenger and two cars, each with a driver and 3 passengers
• The cars make a total round trip of 150 km

The cost is computed as follows:
150km x 3 cars = 450km (total distance travelled by 3 cars) x 35¢/km = $157.50, rounded up to $160.00. There are 10 participants (including drivers) therefore $160.00/10 = $16.00, paid by each participant, and divided equally between the three drivers ($53.33 to each driver).

If the round trip is greater than 300km the driver is to agree with the passengers (prior to departure) what rate is to be used, which should be lower than 35¢/km.