Photographic Competition to be held at the AGM

  • Posted on: 17 June 2018
  • By: admin

Photos: Any size, in colour or black & white, and taken by you since the last AGM.
Categories are:
Nature taken on a club activity
People taken on a club activity
Open any subject, taken anywhere in the World
• Four entries per category for a viable competition.
• If insufficient entries in a category then the entries will be included in the "Open" section
Sorry, only one entry per person per category.
How to Enter:
Open to all club members who attend the AGM
To be entered on the back of photo:
• Category
• your name
• when taken
• where taken
On arrival at the AGM, hand your entry to the co-coordinator
A first and second prize in each category;
First prize $25 with a certificate
Second prize $15 with a certificate